So today was a productive day. It started off me going for a bike ride and then we all did an activity together to see how everyones first week at school was. For the most part, we all had positive things to say but there were a couple of comments that were true but at the same time hard to hear. After that, we wrote on water balloons a new years resolution for Rosh Hashanah and then threw them at each other. I will say that it was extremely fun doing all that. Right after that, we all went bowling and let me say that I haven’t gone bowling in at least 6 months and it was amazing. But it was also a lot of fun to just be with everyone. After that, I went to get my bike fixed. So, I got a used bike for free and it didn’t have peddles, so I immediately got new pedals and then late last week, I realised that the gears don’t change and for me, that is an issue. So I went and got it fixed.

#MITF #beersheva #mymasa #masaisrael #tlalim


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