Monthly Archives: October 2016


So I spent this weekend in Tel Aviv with a few other people from MITF and it was the most fun I have had so far being in Israel. I arrived Friday morning and went to the Petak Tikva apartment and met up with Rachel and then we went to the beach and from there we met up with David and Colin. We really just chilled at the beach and then roamed around the quiet city being that is was Shabbat. Yesterday Rachel came back to Tel Aviv and her, David and I went for a walk to the Jaffa Port and it was an amazing site to see. I don’t regret not taking pictures of it because something’s are better in person than through pictures. Then last night at the hostel I was staying at, they did something called Bar Olympics, where we had teams and played beer pong with 2 liters of beer per team. My teammate didn’t tell me she doesn’t drink beer so I ended up drinking our 2 liters and with that they gave us 2 free shots of Arak and I can say that I just went to my room last night after that because I was so tipsy, lol. But I had so much fun and made new friends and had a great experience. 

I do want to thank Paz and Asaf for everything that they have done so far. They have been great Madrikhs and we have not been an easy group but they still somehow smile and we always have fun with them. I look forward to getting to know them better!



So the past week has been full of new things and new experiences. So this was the first time I have been in Israel for any of the High holidays and let me say that it was a very enlightening experience. The way they celebrate them is really cool. For Yom Kippur, I went to a friends house for a pre-fast meal and ate more than I know I should of. On Yom Kipper, the entire country shuts down and the streets are completely empty besides for emergency vehicles when needed. I went for a bike ride/stroll and I saw kids playing soccer in the middle of the main road. It was just incredible seeing all that. For this Shabbat I will be in Tel Aviv and then I go back to B7 for Sukot. I am not traveling during Sukot because I want to explore Israel and this is a great time to do that. I am going to be hosting a few people from other cities that Masa is in and having a good time with them! 


So the past days have been nice for me. I have traveled around B7 and explored a lot. I was able to go see the sunrise from the highest point in B7 and I will say, it was incredible and very beautiful. I spent some time at the Shuk talking with people trying to you my Hebrew and I had great success. I had a small conversation with someone. And then when I was at the bus stop on the way back, a guy approached me and started to ask me something in Hebrew. I actually understood him and I was able to respond in Hebrew! And then today in school, I was able to talk to the kids in Hebrew. So I can say that the Ulpan I have learned had stuck with me. I am very proud of myself!


So the past few days was my first holiday here in Israel, it was Rosh Hashanah. I spent it with my host teacher and it was very different than being at home in New Jersey. Her family welcomed me like I was part of them and the food was amazing. I ate some food a haven’t eaten before, such as lamb lung, lamb heart and lamb tongue. They were all better than u thought they would be. But honestly, I felt more at home here in Israel for the holiday than I did in New Jersey. Yes, all my family is in New Jersey but my heart is here in Israel. Besides for the holidays, it has been one month since I have been in Israel and I am feeling very at home here. I am loving it more than I thought and I am definitely feeling at home here.