So the past week has been full of new things and new experiences. So this was the first time I have been in Israel for any of the High holidays and let me say that it was a very enlightening experience. The way they celebrate them is really cool. For Yom Kippur, I went to a friends house for a pre-fast meal and ate more than I know I should of. On Yom Kipper, the entire country shuts down and the streets are completely empty besides for emergency vehicles when needed. I went for a bike ride/stroll and I saw kids playing soccer in the middle of the main road. It was just incredible seeing all that. For this Shabbat I will be in Tel Aviv and then I go back to B7 for Sukot. I am not traveling during Sukot because I want to explore Israel and this is a great time to do that. I am going to be hosting a few people from other cities that Masa is in and having a good time with them! 


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